NFPA 70E Arc Flash Compliance

Facility reviews, employee training and written programs

Electrical panel arc flashSafety Management & Training will get your company or facility in compliance with NFPA 70E through facility reviews, employee training, and written programs.

Improperly maintained electrical panels and equipment can kill workers, catch on fire, and explode. The Electrical Arc Flash standard requires companies to develop safe work practices, safe working boundaries, and adequate personal protective equipment.

The standard reads:

  • Whether based on an analytical engineering technique or industry tables, an arc flash hazard analysis is required before employees approach anything that is exposed and energized.

Our compliance program avoids the high price of an engineering survey; which typically costs your facility $10’s of thousands of dollars. Our training format will utilize and provide charts for your people to use so the worker can determine their adequate level of protection and safe working boundaries – Our program provides full flexibility so employees wear enough personal protective equipment (but not too much) when performing a task.

The outcome of our compliance program:

  • Your employees will know how much protection is needed before work is started
  • Equipment will never be labeled with the wrong information
  • From the wall outlet to the main distribution panel – managers will always know their employees can look-up how much protection is needed before the work begins

OSHA has allowed Safety Management & Training to educate their compliance officers in Arc Flash protection and prevention.

Safety Management & Training’s proven written safety policies have passed several OSHA audits.